Fanø juni 2007

Finally we made it! - a trip to Fanø. Carla, Edje and I met in Indonesia in 1991, and have since then been friends and met in Denmark or in Holland. And now and then talked about a trip together to either Fanø or Svinkløv.
Carla and Edje went from Holland (via London) to Esbjerg, and further on to Fanø. I took the train from Copenhagen.
I rented the lovely house in Sønderho that Hans owns together with the family of his late wife.

The weather was rather nice being in the beginning of June. Much time was spent on the beach - only one went swimming ;-)

We collected a lot of shells and stones - twelve of the conches are still in my study.

We visited a "fuglekøje" (bird-trap). Edje had played in a similar bird-trap on Terschelling as a child.

And had a lovely time talking and eating - not to mention shopping... Visit Silken